Rhonda – Dental Hygienist

Rhonda keeps the office laughing and makes us all wonder what she is going to say next. She is a native of Texas and was born in Houston where she has lived her whole life. She started working in dentistry while in High School before receiving her Dental Hygiene degree from the University of Texas. She has been at the office for over 24 years and we hope to keep her at least 24 more! She has many hobbies and interest, but her favorite is to travel. There has not been a place anywhere that she hasn’t enjoyed. She loves her job, mostly because of the relationships she is able to form with the people she meets. Life is too short, and the people we meet along the way make the trip more fun!!!

Phyl – Dental Hygienist

Phyl is one that can get things done and never complains. She grew up most of her life in San Francisco before moving to Texas. While in California she graduated from a 2 year dental assisting program and worked for an orthodontist for 10 years. In 1989 she moved to Texas and soon after graduated from Lamar University in the Dental Hygiene Program. We have been blessed to have Phyl in our office since 2004. She really loves what she does and that she is able to contribute in a small way to aid in people’s oral health. Her Christian faith plays an important role in her life and she knows that dental hygiene is something she can use to bless others. She enjoys watching movies with friends, bike riding, traveling, shopping, buying electronic gadgets and spoiling her cat and 2 dogs.

Marilee – Dental Assistant

Marilee is such a blessing to our team and helps make sure everything runs smoothly. She picked dentistry for a new work beginning 20 years ago and has been doing it ever since. She grew up mostly in Idaho on a potato farm where she learned to work hard and how to milk a cow very fast. In her free time she loves to sew, garden and spend time with her 14 grandchildren.